FAQQ: Do I need a referral to apply for housing?
A: We accept referrals from other agencies, as well as self-referrals.


Q: I am not an Aboriginal person. Can I still apply for housing?
A: Yes. Although we celebrate our Aboriginal heritage and healing practices, we welcome people of all ethnic backgrounds.


Q: Do I have to share a room?
A: No. Each of our residents has their own personal bedroom with a keyed entry for privacy.


Q: How long can I stay there?
A: We have no time limit on our housing so each person is welcome to live on-site until they feel they are ready to move on.


Q: Are there programs I have to attend in the house?
A: No. We offer one-to-one counselling and support to our residents; and, are able to connect or refer residents to community-based programs as they are requested or required.


FAQQ: My kids don’t live with me, can they come for visits?
A: Yes. We support healthy family relationships and work collaboratively to facilitate visits where possible.


Q: I’m on methadone, is that allowed?
A: Yes. We work with a pharmacy that does witnessed daily dosing for methadone and blister packs for all other medications that have been prescribed.


Q: I’m on probation/bail. Will I be accepted?
A: Yes. We work collaboratively with Community Corrections to assist people in meeting their conditions.


Q: I am interested in your services, how do I apply?
A: You can fill out our downloadable application form and contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.