Your Donations Mean the World


Make a Contribution… for someone like GeorgeMake a Contribution… for someone like George – a senior who was living alone, broke his hip and was in hospital for almost two months. His landlord was unaware of the hospitalization and because the rent wasn’t paid and George hadn’t been around for some time, it was assumed that he had moved. When George was released from hospital, he discovered he had nowhere to go and no belongings. George was taken in at a Raven’s Moon house and is doing well sharing a home where there are others to watch out for him.

Make a one-time donation to help people like George or donate a set amount every month to ensure ongoing support for people in need.


Sponsor a House… for people like JoanneSponsor a House… for people like Joanne – a young woman with mental illness who moved back and forth between a dysfunctional family struggling with addiction and living on the streets. When she was referred to Raven’s Moon, she had no money and no belongings. With reliance on donations to house, feed, and clothe her, our staff were able to keep Joanne safe. Over time, with ongoing treatment, Joanne’s health situation has stabilized and she continues to live in one of our homes with the ongoing support she needs to stay healthy.

Sponsor a house where five people like Joanne can stay safe and healthy, for a month $1,500; for a year $18,000.


How you can help:

  • You can donate by Cheque made out to Rave's Moon at P.O. Box 216 Station A, Abbotsford BC, V2T 4Z4

  • You can donate by Email Transfer to the following emial address This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

  • You can donate using Paypal using the button below: